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Car News: Regenerative Braking in Hybrid Vehicles


In a lot of hybrid vehicles, charging the battery can often come from regenerative brake systems.  This means that when braking, the friction caused during braking is put to good use, rather then being thrown away into the air.  While slowing the vehicle down through braking, the vehicle also charges its battery. 

However, when it comes to the wear of your brakes in your hybrid vehicle, it may occur faster do to selective braking.  While braking at slow speeds, the hybrid may only use the back brakes to stop and lightly use the front, if at all, causing the rear pads to go bad quicker than the front. 

When there is a higher request for braking the sytem, in some hyrbids, will electronically caclulate how to apply the friction to stop the vehicle.  For more on this story - Read More

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