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Color Changing Interiors to Match Your Mood


Feeling down? Perhaps a blue hue in your vehicle would serve you right.  Or maybe you're angry? Then a red tint may be your color.  Whatever your mood, Johnson Controls has been experimenting with color changing interiors in luxary vehicles.  A feature like this could prove to be very benificial for public transportation - such as car services, taxi-cabs or rentals.  With a tint of light luming from your control panel, or from underneath your dash, the comfort of driving may only improve.  

When it comes to using this technology in vehicles that are shared by multiple people, the research opportunities are vast.  Researchers would be able to figure out the types of people that were riding in their vehicles, their mood - and therfore determine why they were feeling that way.  Understanding why a person was in an angry mood while riding in their vehicle allows researches to determine a way to prevent such events. 

Plus, let's be honest.  This is pretty cool.  Who wouldn't want their interior lighting to be finely intuned with their mood? For more on this story - Read more

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