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Father Daughter Dance Cancelled For NOT Being Inclusive Enough

“There were a few parents that did not think the father-daughter dance was inclusive, when actually, it was at all times," York said. "It was never an event that was exclusive to only...
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Brian Thomas talks Trump with FOX News Bill Hemmer - 5/5/16

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Brian Thomas talks with Mayor Cranley about minimum wage and streetcar - 5/5/16

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Another Splitter Group Issues Demands

Upset with their future job prospects, disgruntled "Ethnic Studies" students a/k/a "Third World Liberation Front" issue list of of demands.  No word from splitter groups, Popular People's...
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Did Sandwich Have A Bodily Fluid?

This does't happen when you prepare you own food.  
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Justice Department program to no longer use 'disparaging' terms 'felons' and 'convicts'

Meanwhile, Orwell rolls over and bursts into uncontrollable laughter from the grave. War is peace, by the way....
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At Least Obama & Co. Will Have More Time For Funny Videos

White House releases video poking fun at the president's retirement.
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Brian talks with Judge Napolitano about the Indiana primary - 5/4/16

Fruit of the poisonous tree  
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Needle Exchange Program Vote Tonight

Wednesday, May 4th, the Campbell County Fiscal Court will be voting to allow a needle exchange program to operate at the County Administration Building (where you get license plate/sticker and pay...
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Now it's time to rally around Trump

Have to give him a hat tip.  He did it.  Now let's beat Hillary!  
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