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Trump's Son Said What About Waterboarding?

Trump’s son says waterboarding ‘No Different’ than ‘What Happens in Frat Houses Every Day’. Where did he go to college?
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Mom Vs. Triplets and Toddler

// I am exhausted just watching this! Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016
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New Hampshire Results

Dem Sanders - 60% Hillary - 38%   GOP Trump - 35% Kasich - 16% Cruz - 12% Rubio - 10% Christie - 8% Fiorina - 4% Carson - 2%
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Watters World: MLK Edition

Watch the latest video at
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Answer to the never-asked question: What do tech-geek South Park fans do with their idle hours?

via  Reddit
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Broncos Fans Destroy City Following Super Bowl Win, Because They're "Fans"

You may ask yourself, would Cincinnati fans do this? We'd like to say no, but we have to win a Super Bowl first to find out. Never-the-less, these Broncos fans are WAY out of line, tipping over...
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Florida man throws gator into drive-thru window. Florida.

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Obama's proposed budget: $4.1 Trillion, presumably dead on arrival

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama sent Congress his final budget on Tuesday, proposing to spend a record $4.1 trillion on a number of initiatives, from a new war on cancer to combating...
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ESPN Makes Super Bowl 51 Prediction

An early look at your Super Bowl LI winners ... the Cincinnati Bengals?  
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Should Nike be held responsible for the death of her son?

LIFE OVER FASHION: Her son was murdered over a pair of Air Jordans. Now Dazie WIlliams says Nike needs to do more to protect its customers. Click Here For More  
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