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Tech Friday With Dave Hatter

·           Hackers attempt to steal tax refunds again: 2015 was a bad year for cybersecurity and 2016 is not looking much...
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Brian goes on a tear about the pro abortion groups hissy fits about the Doritos Super Bowl commercial - 02/11/16

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Thanks Gov. Kasich

"Ohio Eligibility Issues A state and federal review of Ohio’s Medicaid spending in 2008 found that nearly 10 percent of Medicaid payments were improper. Nearly all of these improper...
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I am glad taxpayer dollars went to this video

SOURCE: YOUTUBE/ ERICA PINTO    "Virginia parents were in an uproar after officials at Glen Allen High School in Henrico showed students a controversial video as part of Black...
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Baby Confused Meeting Dad's Twin

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The Most and Least Sinful Cities in the U.S. - Did Cincy make the list?

There's one state in this country that went especially crazy for Mardi Gras yesterday.  There's another state that won't even bother starting Lent today.  Because for them, EVERY day is...
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I understand media bias

....but you can't just flat out lie NYT Op/ed - David Brooks  "The Obama administration has been remarkably scandal-free. Think of the way Iran-contra or the Lewinsky scandals swallowed...
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'New York Daily News' Completely BLASTS Donald Trump New Hampshire Win

Today's front page: @realDonaldTrump rises from the dead, wins #GOP primary in N.H. — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews)...
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Bill, scanning the crowd, locks eyes on his next victim, mesmerized. Do I see drool?

via  gyfcat
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Austerity parade...complete with 4 kilometer red carpet. Smart marketing idea.

The Egyptian president had 2.5 miles of red carpet laid out for his limousine to drive on — Tom Gara (@tomgara) February 9, 2016...
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