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'New York Daily News' Completely BLASTS Donald Trump New Hampshire Win

Today's front page: @realDonaldTrump rises from the dead, wins #GOP primary in N.H. — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews)...
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Bill, scanning the crowd, locks eyes on his next victim, mesmerized. Do I see drool?

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Austerity parade...complete with 4 kilometer red carpet. Smart marketing idea.

The Egyptian president had 2.5 miles of red carpet laid out for his limousine to drive on — Tom Gara (@tomgara) February 9, 2016...
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Brian talks with Judge Napolitano - 2/10/16

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Brian talks with Cong. Massie - 2/10/16

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Trump's Son Said What About Waterboarding?

Trump’s son says waterboarding ‘No Different’ than ‘What Happens in Frat Houses Every Day’. Where did he go to college?
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Mom Vs. Triplets and Toddler

// I am exhausted just watching this! Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016
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New Hampshire Results

Dem Sanders - 60% Hillary - 38%   GOP Trump - 35% Kasich - 16% Cruz - 12% Rubio - 10% Christie - 8% Fiorina - 4% Carson - 2%
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Watters World: MLK Edition

Watch the latest video at
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Answer to the never-asked question: What do tech-geek South Park fans do with their idle hours?

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