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Brian Thomas

American Story Winner 12/11/14


Winner: Mike Syck

My American Story takes place in my freshman year of high school in 1989. My history class was on a field trip at The Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. Back then they still had large planes on the tarmac nest to the museum. A group of us were out on the tarmac looking at a boomer, and an older man in his late 70s and his family walked up. He told us the plane we were looking at was the exact plane he was the co-pilot of in WWII. He talked to us for about 20 minutes, and told us about missions he flew in in the war. We all stood there and listened intently to his stories and asked question about his plane. We all thanked him for his service left him to be with his plane and his family. Every time I go to Wright Pat I think of him and his plane.


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