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Empower U. Seminar April 1 - DOC THOMPSON!

Posted Friday, March 28th 2014 @ 3am
Doc Thompson will address the many ways technology is allowing our government to access information on our professional and personal lives. He will also discuss the recent attempt by the White House to quell our growing concern about the over-reach of the NSA and its associated intelligence-gathering practices. The White House is advocating that the data be kept by a third-party and raise the level of judicial approval necessary to access those records. But will any of this matter?  

Learn how the NSA deflects criticism of their collectionactivities with the defense that it does not keep the "content" of our  electronic communications, just the
metadata, which the agency claims does not provide a great deal of personal information. This session will show why that statement is questionable.  Learn what is included in the Metadata and how it can be used to assimilate information about the sender and recipient(s).

Speaker Bio 

Doc Thompson grew up east of Cleveland. His earliest memories include his mom listening to radio in the car and he wanted to be part of it. Doc has a very large extended family located all over the country, providing cheap lodging when traveling.


Doc has been hired by great radio stations all across the country. He has worked in Richmond, Lincoln, and Cincinnati to name a few. He was instrumental in some of those stations winning 5 Marconi Awards, the equivalent of the Academy Award for radio excellence.


Laughing and making people laugh are important to Doc. His medium of choice is of course radio. He dabbles in many styles with sarcasm and satire usually present. Although he is candid and forthright, he loves good-spirited practical jokes.




Virtual Class   

"Has the NSA gone Rogue? What is Metadata and why do we care" is Virtual Class on or you may attend the actual class at the Voice of America Metro Park - Lake View Room. The codes for participating in this class on-line from your home will be posted on 6 hours before the class begins. We are limited to the first 100 people logging on to this class so sign-on early.  

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