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LED Light Bulbs - The Why and How


Here is a great read from featuring LED light bulbs.  In this Article they explain what they are, how they work and compare them to the average light bulb, in which most of us have been using for decades.  These things really seem to be the future of lighting, giving the amount of energy (and therefore money) they save.  

Some LED bulbs can last over 20 years.  Could you image not having to change a bulb, for as long as most people own their homes? I know what you're thinking though - "Gary, I hate the blue tint that accompanies the illumination."  Well, in that case, you can now purchase LED bulbs that have a filter, which redirects the light to a different shade, giving it a more natural, less abrasive look and feel.

We'll see what the future has to offer in the next couple years when it comes to these "light emitting diodes."  There is a good chance they could become the top bulb over standards and CFLs.

For more information on LEDs and how they work - Read More 


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