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Frog Tape Tray instructions


DIY Serving Tray Talking Points:

·         Tools needed  for the DIY Tom Bury Serving Tray:

1.       (2) standard picture frames of your choice (preferably wood)

2.       (2) handles (Tom used kitchen cabinet hardware)

3.       1/2" fine finish laminate plywood

4.       (1) 1x4x8  finish grade wood piece (for infill)

5.       decorative corner pieces (optional)

6.       table saw

7.       miter saw (chop saw)

8.       finish nail gun

9.        sand paper

10.    paint and primer

11.   FrogTape® brand painter’s tape and or FrogTape® Shape Tape™

12.   sharp knife

13.   glue

14.   putty




·         Serving trays can be used for much more than actually serving food.  Use the tray to organize bathroom toiletries and accessories, store jewelry, display candles and vases on it or even showcase the tray in an area of the home as a decorative element all on its own! 


·         Construction of a serving tray can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, the basic breakdown is a flat surface( large enough to fit what you are serving)  with an edge on the perimeter to keep thinks from sliding off and handles to carry the tray.  From there the creativity is up to you.



Steps to Create Tom’s DIY Serving Tray:

Construction Steps


1) Measure picture frames and cut down 1/2" plywood to be 3/4" smaller than the frame on all four sides.


2) Prime and paint plywood surface on both sides, customize the finish using Frog Tape® and/or Shape Tape™ to create unique patterns with sharp lines, (remember that the frames will cover a portion of the plywood surface), once the paint scheme is finished provide several coats of polyurethane to make the surface durable (I recommend a polyurethane used for hardwood floors) 

3) Take the (2) picture frames remove the backing , glass and any hardware on the back until you have a flat surface, then  rip down some wood strips to infill the recess where the glass and backing normally sit.  This will ensure that the frames sit flush with the plywood surface.



4) Sand and put one coat of paint on the frames.


5) Construct a small 1/2" thick frame that fits around the plywood tray that will cover the edges of it, Finish painting this frame then attach the handles on either side.  Be sure to countersink the screws for the handles so they don't interfere with the frame fitting around the tray.


5) Now assemble all the pieces, attach the first picture frame to the plywood tray (be sure its centered), Then place the handle frame around the plywood tray and attach it to the plywood and the frame, Finally attach the last frame on top to complete the assembly. Note: use wood glue and finish nails throughout the attachment of all the pieces.



6) Once the tray is assembled, putty in all the nail holes and put a final coat of paint on the frames


7) Put a few coats of polyurethane on the entire tray, remember the tray is not only decorative but it's also functional so it has to be durable. Make sure you fill in all the edges with polyurethane so everything is sealed so the surface can be cleaned and you don't have to worry about spills.




8) Lastly,  add some decorative corners to protect the edges and provide something for the tray to rest on.  Also to ensure the frame will never pull apart add some decorative screws from one side long enough to go through the first frame through the plywood and into the other frame.

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