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VIDEO TIP: How to Mosquito Proof Your Yard


Mosquitos can take a bite out of a fun summer evening. There are products on the market that can help control the mosquitos in your yard by confusing them.  Mosquitos are looking for you and the smell of citronella can make it difficult for the mosquito to find you. Citronella comes in candle form or even a granular product that can be applied over the lawn. This product can last for 21 days before reapplication to the lawn.  The best prevention of mosquitos is to eliminate the environment that is perfect for the breeding of mosquitos.  All mosquitos need water to lay their eggs and support the larva.  So these are the things that will help change your homes environment and discourage mosquitos.

Eliminate all standing water.

Drill holes in the bottom of recycle bins and trash cans.

Clean gutters and make sure they are draining properly.

Fix any leaking outdoor faucets.

Fix any areas where water can pond in your landscaping.

Empty wading pools

Garbage can lids, flower pots and kids toys should be turned upside down or emptied daily. 

Adult mosquitos hide in tall grass or debris in the daytime so clean up the yard.


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