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2-7-15 - Mini Roses

2-7-15 - Mini Roses

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, our plant of the week has to be ‘Miniature Roses’! Available in a multitude of colors, these pint-sized beauties are great gifts for all occasions, especially Valentine’s Day, as they just keep blooming all winter long! Yes, Clarke, the gift that keeps on giving! But guess what? They’re really better off as a temporary houseplant, as their true home is outdoors in the garden or in a container. Borders, specimen plant, perennial and rose gardens, as well as in containers, these petite bloomers are very hardy outdoors, and overwinter quite nicely. Grow 15-24 inches in height. Growing Tips: Indoors – Must have a sunny location, water when close to dry, deadhead spent flowers (clip with pruners / scissors) to encourage more blooms, feed once a month at half rate, and rinse entire plant with warm water every 2-3 weeks to wash off indoor pests. In mid spring, acclimate to going outdoors for a couple weeks, and then plant in the garden or landscape, or in a large container. (Containers - over winter in unheated garage / Ground - winter mulch for a little added protection. But again, mini roses are hardy here!

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